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Every item from the Purses for Nurses store has a different story. Our bags are carefully curated from closets of family and friends, flea markets abroad, our corporate supporters, and most commonly, from donors like you! We run on donations, so many of our purses are indeed used (we prefer the term pre-loved), but we believe that having a story is what makes them interesting. We take special care when receiving new donation batches to sort out purses that are excessively worn, damaged, or out of style. We aim to stock our online store with bags that have character.


Our purses are carefully priced using a number of indicators. First, we take into account the style and brand of the purse. Some brands we resell are trendier and more expensive at retail value, and therefore may be priced higher in our store. If we can find the retail value of a bag (or if its tags are still attached) we utilize those as guidelines (our bags will never cost more than the retail value). If no retail price can be found, we research websites like Etsy, EBay, and Amazon, in addition to other resources, to determine the rarity of a style and the current selling price of the style used and new. If no brand is found on a purse, we research the market for items of similar material and style. We provide a sample of our findings under the description of each of our bags, to assist our customers in understanding our price point.

This brings us to our second step: quality. We always take into account the quality of an individual bag before determining a price. A brand new bag with tags still attached will cost more than that same bag with a few small imperfections. However, you may spot “vintage” bags on our site that are priced higher than some of our brand new bags. This goes back to our first indicator: style and brand. Vintage purses are typically of high demand and will usually be a bit more expensive, especially if kept in good condition. You can read more about this indicator and how purses are rated in the following section!

Wear Level

We have classified each purse into a “wear level” to give you, the buyer, an indication of how much character the bag has. You can find the wear level for any purse following the description and dimensions. Our wear levels are defined as follows:

[ N ] These bags are new, with tags still attached. In many cases they came to us in original packaging and or their original dust bags. They have no signs of wear as they have never been worn.

[ A ] These bags get an A for effort! They are in like new condition but do not have tags. They may have been worn, but very little. They show few (if any) imperceivable imperfections.

[ L ] These bags show limited signs of wear. They may have imperfections inside and/or outside of the bag, but are still in excellent, wearable condition.

[ V ] These bags fit the bill for vintage! They have passed the test of time with many more years ahead. They may have noticeable signs of wear, but being a lil’ rough around the edges is what makes them special to us!

*You can rest assured that all bags have working functional parts (straps, zippers, etc.)


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