Core Values

At Purses for Nurses, we believe that big change starts small. Each handbag donated by you carries the potential to change lives and influence global improvements to healthcare. Similarly, each volunteer, board member, and supporter of Purses for Nurses plays a fundamental role in establishing our organizational culture and ensuring that our mission is realized. These are the core values that reflect who we are and how we conduct business.

For the people we serve –
Advocacy is the cornerstone of Nursing. We speak up for people who can’t or don’t have a voice. We see the changes that are needed in healthcare services abroad and we work to implement them with the help of our partner organizations, like People of Peru Project. We are the voice on the frontlines of healthcare and we do not take that responsibility lightly.

For social justice & human rights –
We have an unshakeable belief that healthcare is a basic human right. We aim to bring that right to every person everywhere, starting with the connections made through our partner organizations. Similarly, we are avid supporters of numerous other human rights endeavors, some of which include: ending violence against women, empowering women and girls through education; universal access to birth control; ending social stigmas related to disease; universal access to clean water; and endorsing a living wage for garment workers.

Locally –
Being active in our community is essential to our mission. We collaborate with many small businesses, artists and bloggers for mutual benefit. Additionally, Purses for Nurses takes part in numerous non profit networking groups and events, supporting charitable causes and volunteering our time to help others meet their mission. Of note, we recently donated a handbag for raffle to The Calhoun School Senior Experience Fashion Show, which raised money for Project Safe Motherhood.

Abroad –
Establishing roots in communities abroad is at the heart of what we do as volunteer nurses. We integrate community experiences into our volunteer trips to allow for cultural immersion for new travelers. This helps to close the perceptive gap between us and them, bringing nurses hand in hand with the people they serve and building an unshakeable trust between healthcare provider and patient.

For the Earth –
Purses for Nurses was founded on the desire to turn throw-away items into something powerful. It started with a commitment to accept all handbags, keeping them out of landfills. It flourishes with our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint by using recycled boxes for shipping and recycled paper for our marketing materials. We consistently strive for new ways to be green and improve the health of our planet.

For our projects –
We believe that sustainability is essential to improving healthcare abroad. Many organizations sweep in and out of communities, stitching up wounds and distributing medication with little ability to maintain their efforts after they leave. It is our aim to leave a lasting, positive impact on the communities we serve in a way that can be sustained beyond our presence. The foundation of this sustainability lies in education and providing local peoples with skills and tools that can be passed on to subsequent generations.