Meet Our Team


Melissa Zuk

Founder, Executive Director

Melissa has over 6 years of experience as a bedside and home care Registered Nurse (currently registered in New York state) with experience in management of large and small healthcare teams. She has a bachelor of science degree in Nursing, as well as Critical Care Registered Nurse certification. Melissa has herself volunteered abroad as a nurse and is familiar with the needs across many countries. She has worked as a leader and manager since young adulthood, as a Lieutenant in her local police cadet program and as president of her nursing organization in college. Most recently she has led a team of 20+ professionals in home care case management. She supports the day to day needs of the organization including management of interns (currently the organization has 8), the organization’s blog and social media and online purse sales, and the formation of new partnerships.


Sisi Peng

Board Secretary, Director 

Sisi recently graduated as a Communications major at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She also contributes a minor degree in Global Health and her experience as Editor of her university’s fashion magazine. She met Melissa at JFK by chance one day when they both went to the wrong gate for their flight to Las Vegas. After realizing their mutual interest in fashion, travel and healthcare, Sisi became Purses for Nurses first intern and has since ascended to one of the first Board Members. Sisi has experience studying abroad, most recently in Tanzania. She assists with moderate and large scale tasks of Purses for Nurses, contributing regularly to strategic planning for the future of the organization.


Andres Arboleda

Board Treasurer, Director

Andres Arboleda has 4 years working experience as an investment banker helping build company budgets and forecasts, a bachelor in science degree in Finance (including basic and intermediate accounting training), and a Masters in Business Administration. In addition to 4 years of experience as an investment banker, Andres has most recently (for the past 4 years) been acting as a financial advisor to entrepreneurial organizations. Andres assists with budget development and maintenance, bank account maintenance, financial transaction oversight, and fundraising planning for Purses for Nurses. 


Jon Lederman


Jon Lederman has more than 30 years of experience helping companies build their brands through strategic marketing and communications programs, his B.S. degree with a major in marketing, and his certifications in marketing communications (CBC) and Social Media.  In addition to his full time work as a Director at a digital agency, Jon has supported the marketing and branding efforts of Purses For Nurses throughout its startup phase.  He has also recently provided volunteer marketing and communications support to the Child Protection Hub, a nonprofit organization in Central Europe devoted to protecting children from all types of abuse.  Jon provides marketing planning and program implementation support aimed at growing awareness for the Purses For Nurses brand. He and his team at the SPI Group have successfully created our logo, as well as this beautiful website.