Due to recent events, Purses for Nurses is presently in a state of dormancy, We are unable to accept donations of any kind at this time. For more info, please read the official letter to our supporters, linked below.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make a lasting improvement on global healthcare by funding volunteer trips that send nurses to the places they are needed most. We have successfully funded two volunteer trips to Iquitos, Peru, serving over 1200 local people with poor access to basic health services. This was made possible by selling and recycling donated handbags, in addition to monetary donations we received from all over the world. We are forever grateful to those who helped us achieve as much as we did. Keep scrolling for a full review of our accomplishments since 2014!


Our Accomplishments

Collecting purses was just the beginning.
These are some of the accomplishments of which we are most proud:


We have provided over 1200 people with free medical care through numerous mobile medical clinics with People of Peru Project.


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